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Electrical Engineering

So that you are never left in the dark

A secure and efficient energy supply is not only indispensable in everyday life, but it is also the lifeblood of industry and thus the prerequisite for long-term investment security. The competent and conscientious electrical planning and project planning of your systems is therefore a central part of our service portfolio. Our experienced and well-trained employees provide the following services for you:

Save long-term costs through optimal electrical planning

  • low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly system planning
  • Increasing the availability of machines and systems
  • user-friendly designs and energy saving.

automation systems

  • Control cabinet planning (z.B. ePlan, WSCAD, ELCAD, Sigraph, etc.)
  • plant planning
  • Design and commissioning of drive technology
  • energy management
  • Energy cost reduction through load control

EMSR planning

  • Creation of measuring point lists
  • EMSR-side processing of R+I schemes
  • MSR Equipment Lists


  • Low-voltage systems (400V to 1kV)
  • main distribution systems
  • emergency power systems

lighting distribution